Adventures at the Barre

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As promised in my last blog, today it is my goal to describe to all of you my most recent adventures at many different types of barres over the last week.

It all started a week ago when I impulsively purchased a “class pass,” which is a membership that entitles you to try an unlimited amount of different boutique gyms in the area, with the only caveat being that you can only visit a particular studio up to three times per month. While I am completely head-over-heals in love with my Pure Barre Classes, my curiosity about what else was out there was getting the best of me. In order to scratch this itch of knowing what else was out there, I immediately made plans to try a Pink Barre class.

On the day that I was supposed to take my Pink Barre class, I started questioning this other mysterious form of Barre, and began doubting if the workout would be as fulfilling as my beloved Pure Barre. Making what was not one of my smarter decisions, I decided to take a Pure Barre class right before the Pink Barre to ensure that I got a good workout for that day- big mistake! My Pure Barre class that day turned out to be even more difficult than normal, and I left the class with my hair so wet from sweat that it literally looked as if I had just taken a shower. Not one to bail on an exercise class that I have committed to; I drove to Pink Barre afterward doubting if I would make it through another grueling workout.


As I entered the Pink Barre studio, I was instantly greeted by a very pretty and in-shape instructor. She wanted to know about my previous Barre experience, and whether or not I had ever tried Pink Barre. I admitted to her that I have taken over 100 Pure Barre classes, and that I was excited to try other forms of Barre. One thing that I noticed upon walking into the studio at Pink Barre was the cleanliness of the studio, and their shiny wooden floors as opposed to the carpeted floors of Pure Barre. Sitting down on my mat, I felt like the new girl at school as other members of the studio immediately began chatting with me and inquiring as to whether this was my first class. One member even looked at me and said in an accusatory tone, “you have obviously done Barre before,” which felt like a big compliment. As we began the class, I smiled to myself to myself appreciating the friendliness of the studio. It was nice walking into a gym studio where the members all make an effort to talk to you and get to know you.

The class, it turned out, was not too much different than Pure Bare, but given the exhausted state of my body, I was glad that it was slightly easier. We began the class with a similar warm-up, and quickly moved into thigh and “seat” work. The thigh work killed me, but the seat work, which is my nemesis in Pure Barre, was slightly easier. After the seat work we moved on to many faster ballet moves on the barre that we do not do in Pure Barre, which was a definite bonus to the class. Needless to say, I left the class tired and sore, with part of me regretting taking two classes in one day. While I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Pink Barre, I still don’t think it lives up to the Pure Barre.

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Later that week, I decided to try a Bar Method class with my sister, who I must mention, is also a Pure Barre Freak. When we arrived at the studio, we were greeted by an instructor who upon first glance had to be a ballerina. She showed us around the gym, which I was pleased to see offered a  “hydration center” with free K-cups of coffee and waters. There was also a locker room with a hair station with curling irons, hair products, and blow-dryers that were there for client use. Talk about a boutique gym- this was starting to feel like a spa! Once we walked into the barre studio itself, the first thing that I noticed was the extremely plush white carpeting, the white walls, and the smell of candles. Had I stepped into Massage Envy instead of a gym? I was immediately in love with the clean feel and fanciness of this studio. (I have included a picture of a Bar Method studio below)


While the class turned out to be very similar to Pure Barre, there were some aspects that I really loved about Bar Method. For example, the music was the soothing type of music that one would find in a ballet studio, I did some crazy moves on top of the barre that I had no idea I was capable of doing, and the instructor was really amazing! One thing that I really liked about the instructor was that she would call our names out and correct us on our form all throughout the class. Despite the fact that I have taken a lot of Pure Barre, there were still some moves in Bar Method where I could use some improvement, and it was very helpful have such direct instruction.

After the class was over, the instructor gave my sister and me gift bags with lotions and all sorts of other goodies! She then invited us to join the studio on the new client special for only $75 for the first month. While this was tempting based on the phenomenal experience I had here; there are still many aspects that I like better about Pure Barre, one of the main aspects being that Pure Barre seems to be more challenging, and everyone who knows me knows that I like a challenging workout!

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Coming back to Pure Barre after trying out other studios left me with the guilty feeling that I had cheated on Pure Barre, and as I felt my thighs shake uncontrollably immediately upon return, I knew I was back at home. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Adventures at the Barre

  1. A couple of things really stand out from this blog post “One thing that I really liked about the instructor was that she would call our names out and correct us on our form all throughout the class.” Many people resent correction and are easily offended. Yet the only way we can learn is by accepting correction. Also, while you certainly did not “cheat” on Pure Barre ( after all we owe it to ourselves to find what works best for us), you did not act hastily and abandon what was working for you..Pure Barre. That also shows wisdom.

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