17 Signs of a Pure Barre Addict


(Disclaimer: This blog entry that I have written totally describes my life now that I have become a barre addict!)

1. You find yourself tucking and pulsing in random places such as the car and when waiting in long lines.

2. You wake up at unheard of hours (5 am!!) to fulfill your daily tucking urges.

3. Your day does not feel complete if you miss a class!

4. The first thing you check when going out of town is whether or not that city has a Pure Barre studio.

5. You will actually pay the $27 for a drop-in class when attending an out of town studio. Yes, that 55 minute long burn is soooo worth the $27. Seriously- it is!

6. You begin fantasizing about teaching Pure Barre classes as a part-time gig. You even begin searching online for studios who may be hiring, and then are seriously depressed when you realize they need someone with open availability.

7. All other forms of exercise fall to the wayside. (Did I really used to be a runner? Someday I will get back into it…)

8. When someone asks you if you want to go to a bar, the first thing you think of is your Pure Barre studio. (You mean there are other types of barres?)

9. You find yourself setting an alarm on the weekend so that you can attend classes.

10. All employees at your studio know you on a first-name basis. Nobody even asks what your name is when you go to check-in anymore.

11. You try to convince all your friends to attend classes with you. Some scoff at the hefty price tag, while others fall in love with the barre just as much as you.

12. You get to class 15 minutes early every day just to claim your favorite spot at the barre.

13. You main Christmas gifts from your family were Pure Barre videos, the ball, and the band.

14. You are willing to pay almost $200 per month for classes, and would totally pay even more if the prices went up!

15. Instead of shopping for actual clothes, you spend your time shopping for exercise clothes from brands such as Beyond Yoga, Lululemon, and Splits 59.

16. You troll the Pure Barre app on your phone for upcoming classes.

17. You took the time to write this blog! 🙂

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