I workout for the cute clothes!

Alo Moto LeggingsTonight as I threw on my new favorite pants for a barre class I had the epiphany that I should start blogging about my only splurges- barre, and barre clothes. Seriously- that’s it. I don’t go out to expensive meals, don’t get my hair or nails done, don’t buy pricey makeup, don’t buy jewelry, don’t indulge on clothes (besides leggings), don’t get massages, etc. Now you might be wondering what I do for fun, and it’s called taking care of a one-year-old, with a little bit of barre on the side!

As I was in the middle of literally getting my seat kicked in barre class tonight (it seriously NEVER gets easier) I began thinking of all my loves sitting in the bottom drawer of my dresser. That’s right- my Lululemons, Alo Yoga DYI, NUX, Beyond Yoga, Splits 59, Onzie, Koral Activewear and probably a few that I’m forgetting. These are workout leggings and tops that were carefully acquired not all at once, but over my three years of being dedicated to taking barre classes. I allow myself to indulge in maybe one new pair of pants every few months. Likewise, if you are a barre fanatic like me, it is very difficult to spend all that time in the studio, and not fantasize over all the eye-catching leggings that clients walk in wearing. Luckily, in the time that I have been taking barre classes, studio to street style is now not only acceptable, but it’s finally considered fashionable! Yes, that’s right folks- leggings ARE now considered pants. I’m not talking flimsy see-through leggings though, I’m talking thick, lush yoga pants.


I will be the first to admit that I LIVE in my yoga pants. I don’t buy jeans anymore, and why would I when leggings are so much more flattering, comfortable, and even more fashionable (IMO)? I have so many favorites that I wear on a regular basis such as my black Lululemon Align pants. I actually bought the Align pants when I was 2 months postpartum and nothing else was hiding that annoying pooch. I pulled those silky pants over my stomach, and BAM- baby bump gone! I literally lived in these pants until the breastfeeding weight loss kicked in and suddenly I could eat like a horse and still drop weight (a story for another day).


Anyway, the pants that I want to focus on today are the pants I am wearing in the above picture- my ALO Moto High Waist Leggings https://www.aloyoga.com/w5494r-high-waist-moto-legging. Not only are these the most comfortable pants, but they compress everything and make you feel super skinny (these would be good postpartum pants too)! In addition to the aesthetics, I love these pants because they make me feel like I a pseudo ballerina/biker chic! I look forward to not only wearing these pants  to the gym, but I also wear them out (with a longer shirt) in the place of white jeans with wedges or heels. I also love the color, as white looks so crisp and clean this time of year. I guess the only downside to these pants is that you really have to be careful not to stain them (white can be hard to keep clean at the gym)! The first time I wore these pants we went out for Mexican food and I accidentally spilled salsa on them. Good thing I spray and washed as soon as I got home!
For those of you who read my blog in the past, I have decided to continue. I am going to use this blog to review my workout clothes, and also share fitness tips and healthy recipes. I am going to try and post an honest review of a different brand of workout clothes each week, and if I do not own the item I will go to the store and try on so that I can review. This is not always going to be a particularly deep blog, but sometimes life can be too deep. Until next time- 🙂


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