Barre, Shakes, and Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga

In keeping up with the theme of reviewing fun workout clothes, I have no choice but to evaluate another top favorite in my repertoire- my Beyond Yoga Spacedye leggings .


These pants have been a major part of my wardrobe for over a year, yet they still look brand spanking new and have absolutely no pilling or signs of wear. They are as soft and cozy as an old pair of sweatpants, yet look so much more fashionable. These gorgeous pants are super flattering and also multi-functional. They can be worn as stylish gym wear, as a casual “mommy” outfit, or paired with a fun pair of heels and a cute top for a night out on the town. (See the casual “mommy” example of me above, as well as a stunning model example that I found below).  Another major plus for animal lovers is that pet hair does not seem to stick to these pants, which saves me a major fight with my trusted lint roller every time I leave the house. As if you do not have enough reasons to buy these pants, the thrilling assortment of colors and possible added designs that you can find online may push you over the edge. They are also priced halfway reasonably ($79), and you can almost always find deals on Amazon.



Shakes at the Barre

Lately shaking has been a very common occurrence in my life. Yes, I’ve been shaking like a scared kitten for almost 3 years out on the barre floor, but I would say that I am a bit shakier than normal lately. In fact, after I finished a killer class on Monday I had another student compliment me on my “unbelievable  shake,” (which is one of the nicest things that someone can say to you in a barre class). Here is my theory as to why my shake has increased:


  1. Barre never gets easier!! As my form has gotten better over the years, I have learned how to most effectively work into my muscles.
  2. As I have reached a more peaceful point in my life, I have finally learned how to tune everything else out while exercising. With barre especially, it is so crucial to just be able to let go and focus on working each individual muscle. Once I have completely lost myself in the movements and the music I know it is going to be a successful class.
  3. Pure Barre truly has become more challenging. They seem to have changed up a lot in the past several months, which has lead to shaky and then sore muscles on my part.


Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Barre, Shakes, and Beyond Yoga

  1. At one time I would have made faces at the relevancy of workout attires, but emotionally, they absolutely play a role. They can even help to motivate a person get to the gym (or the basement, wherever the workout occurs) on days the mental attitude isn’t there. Anything that contributes to SUCCESS (in my mind) is worth it!


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