What to Wear in Summer 2019

Summer is my favorite time of year to throw on a cute pair of shorts and a tank, or a flowy lightweight dress and call it a day. It is a beautiful concept to not have to worry about socks, sweaters, or any of the obligatory garments we must wear to cover our extremities in the winter. That said, I have put together a detailed list of must-haves for this summer, and also some items that we should all probably avoid. Happy reading!

Summer Do’s  

  1. Jean shorts- jeanshorts1Does anything scream “summer” louder than a pair of jean shorts? They are back in style again, and it make me oh, so happy. Look for pairs with a bit of distressing and pair with a crisp white t-shirt for a shabby/chic look.



2. White Jeans 


I am a firm believer that white jeans never go out of style, and can be worn year round. That said, they are majorly in style for summer of 2019. 🙂 Look for lightweight pairs with some distressing for this summer. Some tidbits of advice for white jeans are as follows:

  • Always try them on before buying! Nothing is worse than a see-through pair of pants.
  • Look for high-waisted. So much more flattering and comfortable.
  • Don’t rule out cheaper brands. Old Navy has some of my favorite white jeans, and they are under $30!!!


3. Flowers


Ultra-feminine clothing with flowers is so in style it’s not even funny. Whereas a few years ago we associated flowery clothing with our grandmothers, it is now hot, hot, hot!!

4. Ruffles


This goes hand in hand with the flowers. The more ruffles, and the girlier, the better.


That sums up my top items of the summer. If you don’t buy anything else, stock up on a good paid of jean shorts and white jeans, and then several lightweight shirts, rompers, and dresses complete with ruffles and flowers galore. 🙂

Summer Don’ts 

  1. Avoid anything too clingy or tight. Feminine and flowy are in style this summer, and I’m kinda loving it! Who wants to feel constricted in the 95 degree Georgia heat?
  2. Definitely avoid super skinny jeans. Vintage style denim is back in, no reason to torture yourself with too-tight jeans.
  3. Perfectly matching clothes. Have some fun with your style- mix and match stripes and polka dots, or colors that don’t normally match.
  4. Maxi dresses. Although I used to live in them, the form fitting maxi dresses that I once loved are now out of style. Opt for more feminine and flowy pieces.


What are your thoughts on my assessment of this summer’s style? Agree or disagree? Thoughts?


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